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2019-12-03 23:18:08

In the first week the interns will get acquainted with Qiddiya’s concept, values, objectives, timeline and masterplan. Interns will visit the project site south-west of Riyadh to see the project as it is currently being developed.

During the following weeks, interns will join their relevant teams and each intern will be assigned a Qiddiya team member as a mentor. After an intensive induction and orientation, interns will work alongside Qiddiya’s business professionals as they complete their tasks and collaborate with other areas of the business.

This is not an opportunity for those who prefer working in solitude. Interns will be expected to provide hands-on support for their teams. Problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration are skills that interns will need to use daily.

Participants will also complete an individual project and present their conclusions to teams from Misk and Qiddiya in the final week.

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