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2019-12-04 00:11:54

A Brisbane meal delivery entrepreneur has labelled his model partner's apparent belittling of Asian people a misjudgement .

Lance Giles, chief executive and founder of Youfoodz, reportedly posted to Instagram video clips of people in a restaurant in Singapore while his partner Jordana Stott commentates in the background in a fake, mocking Asian accent.

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F****** origami mate, f****** origami, she says as two diners watch a video of origami.

She can also be heard putting on a similar voice as a group of people are filmed taking a photo in a swimming pool.

She ends her commentary with the phrase she-shing - a possible crude attempt to use the Mandarin for thank you, xie xie .

The video was posted as Giles was in Singapore to speak at the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference.

He addressed the conference on Tuesday as an expert on trends in food service.

He told The Courier Mail that he and Stott, an actress, model and businesswoman, were regretful and felt lousy , with their actions not reflective of the way we feel .

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“We deeply apologise for any offence this misjudgement has caused,” he told The Courier Mail.

Youfoodz, which boasts providing ready-to-eat healthy meals, has won top awards in meal delivery.

It is financial comparison website's Canstar Blue's highest-rated company of its kind.

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