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2019-05-15 22:44:16

Applying for a summer internship as a research assistant - I would be working with children who have autism. Would mentioning my own experience in a mental health institution as a child as my inspiration to get into psychology be a good idea?

Some extra info: I was diagnosed with depression and had suicidal thoughts at 14. Because the mental heathcare system in my country isn't the best-funded, they put all of the children in two rooms (boys/girls). There, my regular interactions with children with other disorders, including anorexia, autism, etc. deeply inspired me to later on pursue a bachelors in psychology. Growing up in a society that heavily stigmatizes mental disorders, this made me change my views and realize that despite everything, they were still people, and that their mental disorders composed a part of them, it wasn't who they were as people. Everyone is a human being who deserves respect and treatment.

My ultimate goal is to pursue abnormal psychology, as I want to help as many people with disorders as I can to overcome them.

Would this be too much to mention in my cover letter? Thank you for the advice!

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