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2019-07-12 02:40:01

Thanks for the shoutout Eric Janssen! “Among the other notable programs to launch lately are: Palette is approaching the challenge from a different angle with their #SalesCamp Program. The (partly) government-funded program introduces B2B sales skills to mid-career professionals in need of a change. Emily Lonetto and Jenna Kellner Izraelski are building up a huge Canadian community of growth practitioners in GrowthToronto. Radz Mpofu, Richard Quintyn, Ernest Anang, Mark Goad and team have launched Bluebird Sales Labs to raise awareness of opportunities in technology to women and minority communities. #womenintech #siliconvalley #saas #techsales #womeninsales #saassales #diversityintech

A lack of sales talent is holding back Canadian unicorns. Canada has only one Unicorn, compared to over 150 in the US - and do you know why? Canadian firms spend less on marketing and sales activities that are critical to building the customer base, and we have fewer qualified people in marketing functions. Sales has both a top-of-the-funnel and bottom-of-the-funnel problem. Sales is a hugely valuable, in-demand, and lucrative skillset to master and yet not enough people are choosing it as a career path. When they do, they're not set up for success. The result is new managers left to fend for themselves —therefore, it’s no surprise that the average tenure of a VP Sales is now at 19 months. How do we fix it? https://lnkd.in/e9ghmXB

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