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2019-07-12 02:44:25

“Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing society today, and we are the generation that can act to make a difference,” says Houston engineer and entrepreneur, Dakota Stormer.

At the young age of seven years old, he started his climate activist journey following a remarkably tumultuous camping trip on Galveston Island. Five years later, he began writing weather blogs — with a last name like Stormer, an interest in meteorology came naturally. Soon after, though, he shifted towards climate science, citing that the trends in weather patterns inspired him to delve deeper into the impacts of climate change.

Dakota Stormer, Footprint CEO (Left), and Mizuki Kurata, Director of Sustainability (Right)

After receiving a chemical engineering degree with specializations in alternative energy and environmental engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, he went on to complete a master’s degree in energy policy and climate from Johns Hopkins University.

Now, he is taking his education and passions and applying them to the business world. After attending Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership training in Los Angeles and participating in UNLEASH, a United Nations innovation lab in Singapore, he founded a new start-up company: Footprint.

Footprint: What Mark Will You Make? Campaign Video

“Footprint is an app that helps you track your carbon footprint. You can compete with friends or colleagues and work in teams to reduce your impact on society,” said Stormer. “Climate change is too big for one person to tackle, and thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone.”

As the “MyFitnessPal of climate change,” the app features a community of individuals who are inspired to make a difference as well as a market for sustainable goods and services. The coolest feature? You can complete fun daily challenges, making this app an interactive game that also happens to help the planet.

“There are a few different apps on the market that help you calculate and offset your carbon footprint, but we aim to go beyond that,” says Footprint’s Director of Sustainability, Mizuki Kurata. “With team-building and competitions, we envision Footprint as the next big Corporate Social Responsibility engagement tool.”

The app is slated to officially launch on August 1st, 2019. Until then, individuals can sign up to pilot the app here.

Mock-up of Footprint App Login Screen

“We are excited to see the launch of the app in August. Our team has been working closely with the Citizen’s Climate Lobby to ensure we develop a valuable product for an engaged community, and our developer has been fantastic,” said Mizuki. “We are now in the process of identifying strategic investors and partners as we plan our formal launch.”

The team is also looking for volunteers for their Footprint Ambassador campaign. Do you care about climate change? Help by signing up to share the news of the official launch on your social media sites.

“Footprint, LLC is a for-profit entity operating for social good,” said Stormer. “We intend to raise funds from investors that share our core values around sustainable development. We want to make an impact, and we want to do that together.”

Are you interested in learning more? Check out their temporary landing page in the meantime, where you can find some existing calculators, purchase carbon offsets, and even contribute to their fundraiser!

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