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2019-11-12 05:53:50

In 2017, Victor Ugo (founder of the Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative, MANI) quoted: We are well within the time of the Social Media, and these apps have come to serve as the platform for people to share their lives publicly, in real time. In these times where suicide rates are rising across the world, we have to now recognize that Social Media is the New Suicide Note, and we all have to listen . In this podcast, Victor and Flora discuss his work in influencing the global dialogue about mental health and it's status in the Nigerian landscape. Learn more about MANI at https://www.mentallyaware.org/  . The TIME-WITH-FLORA podcast is available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple, Google, Castbox and other popular podcast platforms. TIME-WITH-FLORA is a Headway Point production. FOLLOW US us on Instagram @timewithflora OR go to https://linktr.ee/timewithflora

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